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Monday, April 10, 2017

Untwisting a Pelvis

A patient came in to our Lakeville office this past Saturday looking for an adjustment.  The patient stated that he had been very active this past week and that his low back hurt and his pelvis felt very "twisted".

On inspection of the patient's spine it was obvious that his pelvis was indeed twisted/rotated.  On examination of the muscles in his thighs it was clear that his right quadracep, rectus femoris, was much tighter than that of his left rectus femoris.  The end result was the right quad tugging down on the pelvis, twisting it.

Treatment was straight forward - Graston Technique followed by Active Release Techniques to the patient's right rectus femoris and a classic pelvic adjustment.  The patient felt immediate relief due to unique combination of advanced soft tissue therapies and spinal adjustments that we administer here at Upright Health Muscle and Joint Care. 

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