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Monday, September 29, 2014

Vaccine Facts

Vaccines have become a hot-button issue, with the two sides becoming ever more polarized in their opinions and the truth probably lying somewhere in the middle.

Like religion and politics, vaccines are a personal and private choice. But, this is a rare instance where your personal decisions could potentially (and negatively) affect others. That’s why it is *so* critical to make an informed decision about vaccines. Don’t just jump on the “anti-vax” wagon because Jenny McCarthy advocates for it and don’t blindly consent to everything your doctor wants to jab into your and your children’s limbs - whatever you choose to do, make sure you have the facts first!

One reputable source (Because you should get it from many!) for unbiased, factual information on vaccines and the diseases they protect against is a book written by a pediatrician called The Vaccine Book. Sure, you can find all the information you want on a disease like Pertussis from Wikipedia or WebMD, but this book contains information about every available vaccine that protects against it, who makes them, exactly what’s in them and the important considerations for each. It offers a handful of alternative vaccine schedules for those who believe vaccines are beneficial, but want to deviate from the CDC’s recommendations.

Perhaps most importantly, The Vaccine Book gives us the knowledge (and therein, power) to begin driving the vaccine industry by consumerism – No, not all vaccines are created equally and YES, you have a choice!

You can buy your copy of The Vaccine Book here:


Author: Dr. Greg Roberts; Lakeville Chiropractor and owner of Upright Health, with credentials in Corrective Exercise, Graston Technique® and Active Release Techniques®.

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